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Friday, October 15, 2010

All Around.

As of right now I'm leaving NYC to go to NJ and then once I get home I am hoping in my car and driving to Philadelphia.  Three states in about 5 hours, thats what I'm talking about.  All day yesterday I was at Ray Brown working portfolios and doing some other miscellaneous work.  At first I didn't know how I felt about Ray Brown but now I'm starting to get comfortable with all the people and its actually pretty fun.  I think I just needed time to adjust.  Once I got back to the apartment, I received urgent emails from Jodi asking me to send out all different photos to an array of clients.  The only problem is that Jodi is almost impossible to get to since she is not in the country.  After searching through 4 tera bytes of memory I found the needed photos and sent them out.  I have uploaded some photos from the other night when I shot an awards ceremony at the New York Yacht Club.  Lots of wealthy people attended such as David Rockefeller, who is an awesome guy if I may add.  I then went out for drinks at a classy cocktail bar with some guys I met that night.  Being a beer guy myself, I felt uncomfortable ordering a beer at a cocktail bar so I ordered a Cosmopolitan…yeah, I was now known as the foofoo of the group haha.  But whatever it was a fun night and here are some photos of it.  

.:Christopher P. White:.

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