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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Gotta hit up Vinnie's pizza when you come to Brooklyn and
wash it down with some Cervaza.
Sleeping in the city can be very noisy at times.  Thank god I can sleep through anything.  No one sleeps in this city, from garbage trucks to pedestrians, there is always something going on outside the studio window.  All day I was at my other internship, Ray Brown.  I filed, worked on portfolios and filed some more.  The clock literally went into slow-mo.  Usually, the time passes by productively but today for some reason it was very slow and I was just straight beat.  Once I got back to the apartment I ate and headed to the roof.  I shot my generic, stereotypical photo of the skyline just so I could have my own.  Its an interesting place since once you get there you can begin to think in a whole different mind set.  I've done it many times before but tonight I walked the boarder of the roof and looked at all the other buildings around me.  I saw a man in his pajamas in an amazing apartment to a kick boxer wrecking his opponent in the gym and then a couple watching their favorite weekly television.  Its a very interesting sight even though it sounds creepy, but hey, I guess you'll have to come see for yourself.

Manhattan skyline from the roof of the studio

.:Christopher P. White:.

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  1. love the skyline shot and now i want pizza!