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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Now we're the cool kids.

Jodi is now Hassy's featured photographer, and being her interns, we get a piece of the cake ;)

Jodi Jones meets the Hasselblad H4D Camera from jodi jones on Vimeo.
Fashion photographer Jodi Jones becomes hasselblad's next featured photographer!

.:Christopher P. White:.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Howdy Partners

Heyyyyyy everybody,
things have changed since i've last written on this thang.  After several weeks of testing and stress, I'm happy to say that my mother is cancer free and I can finally breathe again.  It really sucked the life out of me when the doctor's strongly implied that my mom was sick.  Now that this is behind me, I'm able to get back on track.  My money flow is dangerously low right now, but I hope to get a job at an airport soon.  I know someone who claims they are currently hiring and that's all I need to hear so I can start applying for a job.  At this point, it may be wiser for me to get an airport job and visit NYC biweekly (if the schedule would permit) than do another 3 month stint; although this would probably only happen in a dream world.  I've been daily looking at apartment rental rates in NYC and I end up exiting my web browser feeling overwhelmed and poor lol.

I haven't been shooting much lately and fell a bit out of my groove, but I am going to start shooting some short film skits with my friends in Chicago while I'm still here.  I plan to reapply to NYU this coming semester and I want to have video materials for my application this time as opposed to pointless pictures.

I don't know much right now, but I hope that this period of uncertainty transitions into something of substance in the next few weeks.


p.s. I still have my sexy long hair.

We're Back.

Now that Fashion Week is near completely over, we're back in the studio hammering out creative projects since Jodi has just become Hasselblad's featured month photographer.  Hassy hooked us up with a H4D and a bunch of lenses.  Shit is dope.  But now we have 1 month to pound out some real gnarly stuff with this bad boy.  On Thursday, we did a white back drop shoot with one model and 6 different looks.  The whole thing was pretty different but so awesome.  Hands up for Oscar's crazy styling.  Love that guy.

.:Christopher P. White:.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Luca Luca

For some reason this was one of my favorite shows.  I liked all the models natural same style and the clothing.  Some thought it was boring but I like the clean cut look of everything.

.:Christopher P. White:.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Alright location that I dealt with during this show, I really did love the whole thing though, one of the last shows of the official week and it totally mad me pumped.

.:Christopher P. White:.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Concept Korea

This show was amazing one of my favorites for sure, the lighting, clothes, music, everything came together to create a great show. It consisted of three Korean designers and here are my favorite shots, enjoy!!!


Angel Sanchez

Here are some of my favorites from the presentation, it was the first time I went to one of these and I have to say I really enjoyed it. It gives you all the time on the world to set up and find the shot you want, the models are just standing there posing for you!! Hope you guys enjoy them.


Christian Siriano

Personally, I thought the show was going to better, the lighting was terrible and my spot was as well.  I tried to get creative and go against the normalcy.  This was shot with my 15mm Fish eye, that lens actually came in prettttyyyy handy this past week.

.:Christopher P. White:.

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