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Saturday, July 31, 2010

We've got more important things to discuss

         In a time where we worry about injustice, global warming, economics, nuclear weapons, oil spills, and rising gas prices, I plead you to turn your head away from such trivial problems and focus your energy on something a bit more relevant to society and of utmost importance: The movie Inception.
         This movie was so awesome.  Dare I say it, I enjoyed it more than The Dark Knight (but that can probably be attributed to my post-movie theater high that i'm riding on).  I loved everything about it and I need a bootleg copy soon, because lord knows ticket prices are too expensive and waking up before noon is about as common as a miracle in my book.  Interns and fellow readers of this blog, I beg of you to skip past the bum in need, the organizations you donate to, and take yourself to the nearest movie theatre to watch this film.  It will hands down be the best decision you have made in your life.  Go, NOW!!
-Elias Rios

Friday, July 30, 2010

Thursday July 29, 2010 11:54pm

Why the fuck is someone painting their nails right now on a train right next to me?  I hate the scent of nail polish, that stuff gives me headaches and the smell is absolutely potent.  So thank you stranger next to me on the NJ Transit ride home, thank you. 

Back to my day, my day has been very long and grueling.  Waking up this morning I was pumped since I didn’t have to be in Brooklyn till 12 noon.  An extra hour or two for much needed sleep!  Well, my pumpness was dissipated once I found out our shoot was rescheduled till 7pm.  But hey, that’s cool; I love kickin’ back with Jodi and the rest of the interns.  The Bitchen interns today, aka myself, Jacqueline and Elias went through massive amounts of hard drives pulling old photos that Jodi took for a new upcoming project that we are working on.  This meant staring and copying photos from a screen for about five and a half hours.  But hey, that’s not that bad and I know an internship can be a lot shittier. 

After a few slices of bangin’ pizza (Thank you Jodi) Elias and I went to go drop off photos at Walter Baker’s headquarters in the Garment District in Manhattan.  Knowing Walter can be a little crazy at times we went in there knowing close to nothing.  Yeah, he is a character, but I kinda liked his badass style.  Rock on Walter, rock on. 

We then headed back to the studio to do our planned shoot at seven.  The shoot was pretty sick since we covered a new handbag that is specially designed for i-Pads.  The bags looked awesome and Mike from P:B:O:E was an especially awesome guy, so good clients means good shoot. 

Now I’m on my way home from an eleven-hour day.  Gotta love it though.  I think we have a long weekend and will be in full swing by Monday.  But it’s the fashion business, you’ll never know until the hour before.  Until then, PEACE!

PS:  I think the person painting their nails is reading what I am writing…SORRAY!  If so, check out!

.:Live it Up, Christopher P. White:.  

Awful Day!

This is Elias here and I just need to SNITCH to the world that i've had a pretty awful day.  As of early this morning, my computer has been completely malfunctioning.  Still, despite the flaws, I persisted on overworking and now it is basically crashed.  Fortunately, somehow, someway I've managed to revive it long enough to copy everything over to a hard-drive and write this blog.

 In addition, I thought an account I closed due to overdrafting actually closed but I just got an email when I got home for a monthly fee that put me negative again, even though the account was supposed to be closed!  AHH!!!!!! MY LIFEEEEE!!!
Then my roommate makes me try on this ridiculous androgynous shirt he stole from his internship that ended up being hand dyed so now I have green dye on my clothing and face!!! AHHH!!!!!!! MY LIFEEE!!!

It's like I can't win today.  I just need to sleep this nightmare off and deal with it in the morning.  Besides all of that crap, my day was cool.

I went to Jodi's around 12 ish to help out around the studio.  The day was quite consumed with browsing through her old Runway Photography images and picking the ones I thought where best.  There were a lot of good images that made me proud of good ole Jodi, but it's too bad that some of the models were binging on that "coca cola" backstage and coming out looking like an East Harlem crackhead.

After this, Jacqueline, Jodi, Chris, and I went to eat some pizza in a cool little pizza shop.  I had bbq pizza and my stomach hasn't quite settled since.  Afterward, Chris and I went to Walter's studio to drop off his lookbook shots.  He was located just a few blocks from Penn Station in an awesome studio complex.  The encounter with him was a bit abnormal, but nonetheless memorable.  All in all, we exchanged the images for Jodi's payment and we got the heck up outta there!

We hit the train back to Brooklyn and "BAM" we were back at Jodi's to help out her shoot for a man named Michael's bag collection.  What's cool about the bags where they that they were I-Pad specific and also had pouches for writing utensils, money, and an iPhone.  If i had an iPad, the bag wouldn't be such a bad investment.  Bogus Jackie Wackie's friend Rachel provided the iPad that permitted the shoot to run more smoothly and BAM PT 2, the shoot was over.  Saddened by the behavior of my computer, I cried some more in a corner and BAM it was time to leave.  Chris, Jackie, and I hopped on the train and BAM I was home.  Now i'm writing this from a computer that's on life support and I don't even feel like proof reading this entry because I'm too damn emotional to function.  I don't know when the next shoot is going to be but I'm ready freddy!

Here are pics of these foos

Jacqueline talking to rachel about the i-pad
Chris texting away

Jodi editing Walter's images.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Product Shoot!

An up to date newscast of Jodi's product shoot for P:B:O:E (Powered By Our Environment).  Photos will be up soon.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

jack and chris hard at work at the studio


uploading blows :)

Badass In The Making

Today we shot the Teen Vogue gathering in Time Square at 9:00 am and I hadn't gone to sleep until 3:30 am this morning.  Here was my thought process.......... hmmmm that car looks tempting to jump in front of, oh and even better it looks like they're picking up speed.

Jodi's work was posted on the Jumbo Tron which, and for those of you who don't know what that means, let me tell means Jodi is a badass.  And I am a badass in the making.   That was the exciting part about going.  I did get to see our friends Erica and her intern Ben.

My thoughts are spastic right now and I just took a break to spin around in Jodi's chair.  Poor Jodi, she had no idea she hired a intern who was easily amused and just as easily distracted.  I'm am ready to go home I'm so tired!  I feel bad because I seem to be talking over everyone today to.

Enjoy the photos from today and I took a picture of Elmo because Jodi wants up to run around in NYC wearing a elmo costume and I wanted to show her where we'll end up if we were to do such a ridiculous idea. ; )  Just trying to make my living as a photo grapher.

I want to thank all of you for taking time to read this i appreciate that.  Please tell everyone you know to check it out if you enjoyed it.   Alright I'm done with this bitch,  I'm out.



Wednesday July far.

Usually I am blogging on my way back home to Jersey from Brooklyn or Manhattan, however, today is a different day.  As we speak I am in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at the studio feeling a little hot due to the temperature and the damn sunburn that covers my body.  I kicked todays day off by meeting Jacqueline in Times Square for the Teen Vogue "Declaring Denim Day."  Not really sure what to expect for this morning, I walked up to Times Square seeing a vast crowd and....high school cheerleaders.  Bow's and everything.  Full fledge high school cheerleaders.  Great.

The reason why we were there today was due to that Jodi had done a shoot for Teen Vogue and her image was on the Jumbotron below where the ball is dropped during new years eve.  It was pretty awesome to see her photo shinning in Times Square at a prestige spot.  But the cheerleaders were still there.  Anyways, here are some of my photos from Teen Vogue's "Declaring Denim Day."

And I thought I was going to go to a kick ass Teen Vogue Party tonight...maybe next time.

.:Live it Up, Christopher P. White:.

Teen Vogue's Chief Editor Amy Astley with celebrity Shailene Woodley
Teen Vogue's donations today all went to the funds in the Gulf disaster.



Tuesday, July 27, 2010


For the past couple of days I was off from shoots and other work.  Due to this, I had to get to my roots.  When ever I meet someone new from this internship, whether it be new interns or clients and they hear I am from New Jersey, I get that awful "Jersey Shore" reference.  People from New Jersey are NOT like this.  But its okay everyone, think that way.  Here are some photos from my adventures to the beaches I have known since I have been little.  Notice:  Everyone is not a guido.  Thanks!  Off to the Teen Vogue Event tomorrow at Times Square for Jodi's first billboard appearance.  Later Dayz.

.:Live it Up, Christopher P. White:.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The most valuable items a New Yorker can have.

After much reflection, I've decided that the sheer indicator that one has "made it" in this city is if they're in possession of a washer and dryer.  I loathe the laundromat and hate the fact that I am about to lug a suit case full of dirty clothing there in a few moments.  I completely took advantage of how well I had it back in Chicago and I know that once I return, they will be the first things that I hug and kiss.  BADGOODBYE.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Behind the Scenes of CD Greene

.:Live it Up, Christopher P. White:.

A Day Late.

So yesterday’s shoot was mind-blowing.  And yes, I know I said yesterday, but last night was not a good night and I wasn’t able to blog for you blogger followers.  I am sorry; I hope you can forgive me J.   But back to the shoot.  Yesterday’s shoot was awesome in many different ways.

First off, we moved all of the equipment on location to Manhattan at CD Greene’s showroom/weekend penthouse.  The penthouse was on the 34th floor of an amazing building.  The balcony made you worried since you were only standing on a slab of concrete that’s 34 floors above the ground.  It was so interesting to be looking at the skyscrapers that close since all of us are use to looking at the skyline back in Brooklyn.  When I first got there I wasn’t sure what to say to the bellman since I felt like I shouldn’t have been there.  All that was going through my head was, is this guy gonna let me?  Haha after I told him why I was there they told me what floor and where to go.  Walking into CD Greene’s place, my eyes were lit open.  They had a beautiful penthouse.  The dresses were all in one room and we set up the studio in the other.  The office had to be my favorite part of the place since the ceilings were about 12ft high and bookshelves ran wall to wall from the floor to the ceiling.

Jodi did an awesome job with the look book.  The models were amazing as well.  Parker Hurley was the male model (I forget the female models name) and both of them did a marvelous job.  CD Greene’s collection was stunningly gorgeous, very elegant and high quality.  Both of them were great people to work with and had unique personalities to go along with it.  I just have to have them stop thinking that everyone in Jersey is NOT like the people from MTV’s stupid series The Jersey Shore.

I was very pleased with the shoot and it was great experience for my first high fashion shoot.  I am very excited to the more that will come and the more interesting people I will meet.  So I will leave you with this for tonight, it goes along with the mood that I am in, as Lil’ Wayne says, “keep ya head up like yo nose is bleedin’.”

.:Live it Up, Christopher P. White:.

The Flight Back.

Even though I won't be leaving for another month, every passing day feels as if it were the day before I pack my bags and board a plane back to Chicago.  I feel that my time here truly is precious and I need to do something of significance whenever there is an opportunity.  Fortunately, as the time progresses,  I feel that some of my goals have been accomplished and that i'm walking away with a greater understanding of not only this industry, but also the art form of photography itself.  I have met a lot of great individuals who have challenged me to think outside the box and take initiative during situations where I'd normally be passive.
Still, despite my progress, there are still more things that I want to see and do.  I want to vastly increase my knowledge of studio lighting, especially when dealing with Profoto lights.  I want to be able to set up a shoot by myself with legitimate equipment, learn light metering, understand f-stops/apertures better, and most importantly walk away with a stronger knowledge of fashion.
I am about as fashionable as a blind hillside goat that's missing one of its legs.  It's no longer cute, nor acceptable for me to be ignorant to important aspects of an industry I claim I want to be a part of.  If I am able to walk away with at least half of these goals checked on my list, then the money I invested into my income-less stay in this city was more than worth it.  As I stated in a prior blog post, I am really happy that I have other interns with me that I get to learn these things with as we all tackle this angry, exclusive, pompous, fashion-photography monster together.  I also trust that we'll be able to hold each other accountable to our goals and continue to encourage each other throughout this season of our lives.
On August 18th, 2010 I believe I'll head home with a smile on my face and a small, (but existent) sense of accomplishment.  Later everyone, and that includes you too, future Hasselblad sponsors ;-).


Friday, July 23, 2010

Jacks Shot(S)

Here's one of my shots from the other day.  I only have one because I'm not very happy with myself and how they turned out, but I will post this one just to show you something I pulled out with only having 10 min to shoot.  I'll post one when I get them done. :)


- Jack

Hey, read this because i'm cool

Dear Diary,
Jacqueline, the Brooks Valedictorian, was a meanie today and DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED on Leriam the upscale planet-earth travel agent.  Throw in a beach bum italian named Stefano, the 9th cast member of the Jersey Shore named Chris, The great and flawless Elias Rios, and you have the makings of a prematurely canceled television show entitled Survivor: The Bitchin' Interns Edition.  

SO ANYWAYS, before I was rudely interrupted by the rabid screaming of NYC crackheads outside of my apartment, I came here with the intention of blogging about today's look-book shoot for CD GREENE.  Sit back, grab your pop corn, and tuck your kids into bed because it's about to exciting up in this motha sucka!

Today was quite an eventful day for me - one of the better and more memorable of my NYC visit.  The day started off pretty rough for me when I involuntarily experienced a horrible phenomenon that is plaguing the life of countless reckless youth: a hangover.  I have never had one before and needless to say it was an interesting feeling.  What's more interesting is waking up on the floor on top of my roommate's dog-fur carpet.  After I rushed out of my apartment I managed to successfully stumble my way to set of Jodi-Bear's photoshoot.  And yes I did just call you that, Jodi.  Upon my arrival, the model (who was stunning) was in hair and makeup and the Bitchin Interns were hard at work setting up the background and lights while I was hand fed grapes and fanned by egyptian women.  

The most difficult part of setting up definitely had to be the assembling of the softbox.  We incorrectly placed in the poles into the slots and as a result, we all struggled to get them unjammed…that is until the brave, heroic, foreign, and ever-so-strong Stefano came to the rescue.  With little assistance, the juice head guido of a man was able to unjam the softbox and reassemble it into the glorious light source responsible for illuminating the models.  As usual, Jacqueline was not one to be upstaged in the muscle category, so she secretly did voodoo on Stefano to ruin the rest of his day.  Guess what America!  The Salem Witch Trial descendant SUCCEEDED.  Out of nowhere, Stefano's Italian restaurant (no surprise there) called him in to work and he had to leave Jodi's shoot earlier. 

Shortly after, the coolest male model I ever met, named Parker, knocked on the door.  When he first walked in, he looked like a pizza guy so we didn't know what to do, but eventually we realized he was a model so we put our wallets away and let him on in.  Parker was covered in cool tattoos and usually one would think that it would hinder his modeling opportunities, but if anything it has made him stand out against the crowd.  Much like myself, he was into comics and superheroes and that's all it really takes to find common ground with me.  Soon, hair and make up was done Jodi was ready to shoot!

The shoot was pretty awesome, but there was some favoritism definitely at play.  Normally I'm Jodi's go to person for anything and everything because I'm the shizzy, but today the tide apparently turned.  Snooki's boyfriend himself, Christuation, was solely called in to assist Jodi as the rest of us contemplated suicide at the CD GREENE balcony.  At that point I heard a whole lotta competitive jibba jabba from Leriam aka Carmen Sandiego, and Ratatouille actor, Stefano, about who has more stamps on their passport.  After crying a little in the lavish penthouse bathroom, I shook it off, wiped away the tears, and strutted my way back to Hater City with the other interns.

One of the biggest highlights of the day other than Jodi's successful shoot, the great pizza, and the early departure of Stefano was definitely the conversations I had with the designers.  They were very social and approachable individuals who were never void of topics of conversation.  Granted they almost killed my spirit with their fabricated rumor of Taylor Lautner replacing Christian Bale in Batman 3, but once that mess was all cleared up, we were able to continue talking about more fruitful topics like their clothing design and their target sales market.  I was really fascinated by their success and happy to see that there are good people doing big things in New York City.  

The photo shoot lasted about 5 hours with well over 20 outfits being photographed for the look-book.  Initially, the sky was cloudy, which provided a perfect room temperature and overcast for Jodi and the interns to function properly under, but it sure as hell did not last long.  Before we knew it, the sun was shamelessly beating on our backs and turned us into fan-reliant fiends.  At that point, a gust of wind from that tiny fan was of greater value than a truckload of Cuban cocaine.  Right now, we're not sure exactly how the sun became so hot, so fast, but I have a theory that Stefano broke jackie's spell and called upon the Vatican clergymen to put a spell of vengeance on us as payback.

All in all, I walked away from the shoot feeling good and happy to be a member of this team.  Though this internship is not paid, I feel that the environment and the things were are learning are of a greater value.  I find reassurance that even though I'm at a desk at my other internship filing way images and reorganizing portfolios, I know that I have a kick ass hands-on internship with Jodi-Bear Jones of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  With this, I bid you all a farewell and pray that yall stop all of the hatin' cuz it don't look good on y'all.  


-King Elias.

Here are some images from the day.
They try to escape me, but they forgot I was omni-present.

UPDATE:  Added a few more images of Jodi's Crew
Rock on 

Hair. Make up. Nails.

Stefano eating a sandwich


Bitchin' Shoot

Today we shot for Designer CD GREENE.  All I can say about their clothing line is that these men have impeccable taste when it comes to designing.  They were both very polite and sweet to everyone working on set today.

I wish I could have had something a bit more fashionable on today and not look so......blah!  Oh well, shit happens.  I think I should have attempted more at making myself look a bit more presentable or just presentable.  It was a good shoot day besides me presenting myself.

It was not getting to work with all the interns again! Hopefully I'll be seeing everyone again very soon.  I would like to note that you should disregard anything Elias says that may reflective poorly on my personality, I AM NOT A MEAN PERSON!  I did not abuse any animals either.  If he does however, mention how great and wonderful I am to be around, he is not lying and you shouldn't disregard that. : )

Thanks for reading this Bitch!  I will talk to you real soon.



Old Behind The Scenes Images of "Animal Spirits"

I was inspired by Chris' behind the scenes blog entry to post a few images from Jodi's editorial spread she shot last month in June.  This story was entitled, Animal Spirits.

the end.