Jodi Jones Studio

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Late Nights.

Currently myself, Oscar and Jodi are at the studio working on creating the new fashion film CORNELIUS which is going to take place this Sunday, with film Director Mark Burson.

It's 11:43 pm and Jodi and I are doing Fashion Week shit, its only a preview...

.:Christopher P. White:.

Calendar Shoot!!

Here are some behind the scenes photos from today's calendar shoot. I got to be a model today!!! It was so much fun pretending to be a model for a day, getting my make-up done, hair, posing, everything makes you  feel so glamorous and beautiful. It's so different from whenever I am behind the camera. In that instance, it does not matter how I look as long as I get "the shot." When I'm the model, I can't be sweaty and gross.  I think today's experience was interesting but not something I would like to do often. Modeling does not give me the same thrill and excitement that photography does. I think I'm content being a part-time model and full-time photographer/bitchin intern:


Monday, August 30, 2010


Hey wassup people, i'm writing this in a rush because my friends are waiting outside for me so we can see a movie.  Anyway, this weekend I took pictures of my engaged friends and needless to say, I was very happy with how they turned out.  We did two drastically different photoshoots - one with them as assassins and a soft black and white session of them on the beach.  I only have two pictures to post now, but I'll definitely add more as soon as they come!

bye guys!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Life of an Artist

Don't worry folks, I'm still alive :-)

As an artist, there are quite a few obstacles we have to strap on our hard hats and go through. Besides already being cursed as a gemini, we all live double lives: The Artist and The Laborer. We all know what the Laborer does...pretty much any&every~thing to get by until The god of Art pulls their number lol! Believe me, waiting for he or she to call that number requires the virtue of patience....I ALMOST quit one of my job twice already lol smh...its rough!!! But i suppose with struggle, annoyance, and homicidal thoughts comes greatness. I had the pleasure to do an awesome photoshoot with my buddy Brandon Coates, wardrobe stylist and designer...and we totally rocked it:

Was a beauty dark and rainy day and we had a great time shooting!

I also had another fantastic shoot Saturday morning with a model named Adam from Empire Modeling Agency. She(agent) told me he would be better than all of the models I've already shot thus far for her. Let's just say, she wasn't lying:

We were both overly satisfied with how the photos came out.

The moral of the story is...with bad comes good!

-Bryan AkA "The New Guy

the bitchin' interns are gettin' soooo... classy ;)

check out the new high stylin' business cards for the bitchin' interns to pass out... 
will you be lucky enough to get one of these collector's items?  if you get one of these at fashion week, you'll know that you just met a bitchin' intern.
card design created by bitchin' intern extraordinaire - Leriam. 
"thanks little L."  

x - leader of the pack ;)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bitchin' intern - LERIAM - sits in for Jodi's lighting test

Leriam sat in for Jodi today while she was testing the light for Jodi's charity calendar shoot... here is a shot from that.  It looks like Leriam is also now going to be one of the models for the calendar (to be sold worldwide in book stores to raise money for which helps women and children in third world countries).  Leriam's "official" modeling shoot will be this coming tuesday... stay tuned!
and the crew today...

F The Rules

Today I just simply felt like experimenting.  I know this would totally not be printable but I love the look.  I hope you can appreciate it, but if not... I don't really give a shit.  I need to learn to play with things i would usually not try, and i would be told to never do.  Here's a totally different look from my usual work.  Thanks for dropping by!

Oh by the way... meet sam my roommate. :)  I love that she has such a fascinating character about her and not one afraid to be herself. I enjoy hanging out with her and just talking to her.  She is one of the coolest, yet craziest people you'll ever meet.   Well unless you meet me. ;)  But really, you could only be so lucky to meet someone as awesome as her.



Thursday, August 26, 2010

From Ghetto Trash To (Slightly Less Hood) Upscale Class

Wassup my frenemies. The king is back again for his weekly entertainment.  Sit back, take notes, for I am no longer sick and I'm in full health (minus my hourly allergy attacks and dry eyeball). 

Yesterday was quite the interesting day.  Amongst my group of friends is a young african american girl named Brianna.  She's pretty rowdy and ghetto, but we love her because she's full of energy and has a good sense of humor.  I feel that Brianna has model potential, but before she pursues it, she needs to drink more water and watch her weight a little bit. Despite minor obstacles, I chose to go with a friend and take her clothes shopping for a potential outfit to photograph her in.
 With my own two eyes, I am able to see the potential, but I wanted to make sure that it translated to camera.  Brianna has exaggerated and oddly shaped head and facial features, making it uncertain how well her face translates on camera.  We found a turtle neck dress at H&M that seemed like it could work so we paid for it, but you BEST BELIEVE that we returnin' that thang this week fo' a full refund.  Know that, Believe That, TRUST IN DAT! 

After getting the dress, we took her to a friends house to do some make up and before we knew it, it was freaking 10:30 PM.  Not an ideal time to start setting up lights and a background for a photoshoot.  But..When Brianna came out of the bathroom with her makeup and outfit on, I knew the hassle would be worth it in end. The shoot itself was a bit difficult, being that I lost the outward white diffuser to my softbox and tried using a bedsheet to soften the light instead.  Despite these issues, there were shots that I was happy about.  These pictures have some minor facial retouching (in terms of blemish removal and makeup restoration), as well as slight liquification to the waist-line.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and livin' the NYC life while I wallow here in Chicago, trying to collect money on the street.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I want to congratulate Timothy and Heather Leposky! I was gone from Jodi's studio to PA and I was able to take pictures of the Austin Healey below and I got a shot of Heather and Tim.  They had a beautiful and amazing wedding.  I wish both of them a long and happy life together. :)

I would also like to thank my aunt shannon and uncle jimmy for giving me a awesome bed to sleep in and of course feeding me.  Aunt shannon I'm sorry i'm sorry I almost broke you bedroom light/ripped your fan off the wall showing you how I slept.....because that was so interesting to hear about.

Catie and Court I'm so happy I got to see both of you, and hopefully I will see you both really soon.   Catie is a pistol that kind of reminds me of me.......I give fare waring to the weaklings, to back the fuck down because you can't handle that kind of awesomeness! lol ;)  It was a pleasure meeting gage catie's boyfriend.  Court I hope I get to see you up in NYC, your so sweet and I was glad to see you let loose on the dance floor.

Mom and Dad thanks for giving my broke a$$ some money before i went back to NYC.  I love both even though it only took 10 min after we saw each to start arguing about where we were going to eat because it was getting late, but I still miss ya!

I didn't get to see my brother, sister, and my nephew, but I missed seeing you this weekend.  I will see you guys soon! Love ya.

Sorry if this post totally bored you, but I've got a feeling you'll get the fuck over it.  Thanks for taking time out of your life to read this, its appreciated. :)

Please feel free to congratulate Heather and Tim.....and Heather,welcome to the family! Glad to have ya on board! WOOWOO!



.......Just Bitchin'

Hope you enjoy because I know I sure did! ;)


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Toast To The Home Life

YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  I'm back from the dead.  Coming back home has been an interesting experience.  I've been able to see the majority of my friends, sleep in a bed, eat ice-cream, krispy kremes, and get partially spoiled (though i'm still paying for my gas and stuff).  I miss NYC and being with the interns, but I feel that I need this little break.  Unfortunately, I've been sicker than a dog these past few days with a cold.  I've been trying to sleep the sickness away, but it hasn't turned out too well.

I went to a wedding on Saturday and it was a fun experience.  I was supposed to be one of the groomsmen, but I couldn't afford the suit so I had to back out.  Despite not being a part of the in-crowd, I still spent a sufficient amount of time with the bride and the groom before they went to Puerto Rico to make  babies with each other.  If I ever defeat my self-demolishing ways of Procrastination, I'll post iPhone videos I took of the ceremony.

Yesterday I felt like taking a few pictures of my friend Nina with the outfit she wore to the wedding.  It was heavily inspired by the singer Janelle Monae, so for anyone who sees the few pics I post,  IT WAS INTENTIONAL, SUCKAS.  I haven't gotten a chance to edit these yet, (color balancing/overlays, liquifying, and patch tooling), but if I find some edits worth posting, I will.  Until then here are few random shots.  Goodbye for nowwww

this picture i like for some reason despite it not being anything special or very well composed haha

Monday, August 23, 2010

These Past View Days

Down Fall Arises:  8.19.10

Jacqueline and I on Thursday had our first encounter with the first step preparation for Fashion Week.  Jodi gave me 2 contact sheets with hundreds of designers on them and I started my emailing journey to access backstage, front of house and riser access for shooting.  I finished yesterday, so all in all it took me around 2 to 3 full days to email 262 designers with some having 3 different emails each.  After our Thai lunch Jacqueline abruptly started packing up her belongings and got up to leave.  Pondering what was going on, Jodi asked Jacqueline what was wrong.  This then opened up to Jacqueline’s true feelings about the changes that have been happening.  I’m not going to go into detail to what was said but it did rock the boat of the studio.  I have no personal hard feelings against anyone that I am working with but it seems like others do.  Hopefully, things will take their place and everyone will be able to get along.  But that only happens in a perfect world.

GMAIL!:  8.20.10

Friday, during the day was pretty boring.  Leriam and I sat and emailed designers for about 5 hours straight.  My damn eyes really start to strain after looking at my Macbook for that long.  But all of this will pay off once Fashion Week comes and all of us will be pissy, sleep deprived and angry.  But hey!  That’s Fashion Week baby.  After, our emailing journey, we went for a meeting for a new charity calendar that Jodi is donating her services to.  We arrived in a beautiful penthouse apartment across the street from Central Park.  The board members all seemed like good people and we all sat in a circle, discussed the project and ate some cheese washing it down with red wine.  The calendar seems like a great project and will have a huge impact on the charity.  But it is a little disorganized in my eyes.  First, they want it for this January.  In an ideal world to have a calendar out for January, it would be in stores by Mid August.  It’s late August now and we haven’t even started yet.  However, with the collaboration of all the intelligent people going it to it, I’m sure we’ll be able to pull it off.

Commute:  8.23.10

So here I am, punching all of this in on my commute to New York.  It’s a real shitty day here and I’m already running late due to delays.  Sorry Jodi!  But New York is the next stop so then I’m off to Brooklyn in the rain.  Stay classy Blogger.

A little preview of what my desktop looked like during the emailing process.  (Six different windows...)

.:Christopher P. White:.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Yesterday I went to Jodi's studio to help her out with the Ardistia's Spring 2011 Collection. I walked in thinking it would be like the rest of the shoots, little did I know I would  be in charge of the tethering. Ahhhh there were no other interns to tackle the task with, and Shawn was leaving to CD Green's. I braced my self and sat on the chair, once things got started I felt more and more comfortable. It was a great shoot, everything ran smoothly and quick, thank God the software didn't crashed and I actually enjoyed the experience.

The collection Jodi was shooting was absolutely stunning, I was drooling over the amazing garments, they were all so chic and elegant, definitely saving up to buy one of those coats, but until then I will enjoy the pictures. Overall it was a great day, I can't wait to tether again and become a master, so watch out world!!

Peace Out

see you soon elias!!!

Elias is back in Chicago... but he will be back soon and is still a part of the Jodi Jones Studio team of bitchin' interns from across the way.  Let us know how you are doing Elias!!!

Leriam was Jodi's tethering "tech" today for fashion shoot

Leriam did a flawless job as Jodi's computer tech today where Jodi shot tethered to the imac for the client, fashion designer ARDISTIA.  Jodi shot Ardistia's Spring 2011 Collection at her williamsburg studio.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

808's and Heartbeats

Tweet: "Watching my future...heartbeat is out of control right now"

August 14, 2010 was my first shoot with Jodi and the bitchin interns at the showroom of Autumn Cashmere for their Spring 2011 Collection. The feeling I got was indescribable...from the set to the tethering station, I was floating.

Instantly fell in love with this backdrop 

The scene

All in all, the photographer, makeup artist, wardrobe stylist, hairstylist, set crew...everyone made that day a success, ya know, without someone throwing a camera across the room or having disagreements that lasted hours in front of a live audience hahahahahaaaaaaa!

I had the awesome task of picking up the bike aka "prop" and I must say I felt pretty bitchin, as an intern of course, that I got it back FULLY ASSEMBLED<<< total insider unless you're Leriam :-)

"This industry is tough and very competitive!" Just another form of life to me. What is it if it isn't challenging?~Boring

Guess who's back???

This has been an eventful four days.
Saturday, August 14, I was asked to do a favor for Hazuki, the makeup artist for our fearless leader Jodi Jones. She needed to do some beauty tests and for some reason she thought I would be perfect for the job.

It was fun for once to be the girl in the makeup seat getting ready rather than the intern watching a model get pampered. Getting my makeup done by professionals was a true adventure.

I’m used to sleeping in on Saturday’s but this time around I woke up early and headed to Bond Street Studios in Brooklyn, which blew my mind. The studio was a photographer’s Dream World with all the equipment and space you can imagine. It even had its very own darkroom. The natural light and the space is amazing. I would give my right hand to be able to shoot there some day, but this time around my business was being a canvas for the makeup artists.

The day began with a “natural look” that transformed me into a fashionista from another decade — the 90’s to be exact. From there, we moved onto a more dramatic look which included bright red lips and eyeliner fit for a Geisha. I was amazed at the amount of detail and dedication makeup artists go through just to apply lipgloss.

I would have taken pictures, but unfortunately I was glued to the makeup chair, so my quaint descriptions will have to do.

Not much else happened on Saturday, but more fun awaited me on Sunday. The rest of the bitchin interns and I met up at Jodi’s studio for a workshop on how to tether your camera to a computer for a shoot.

I’ve got to say it was a bit technical for my taste, but I’ll master the technique if it kills me. I’m glad Jodi is so adamant about teaching us bitchin interns as much as possible so that we can use the real-world skills we learn from her in our careers some day. Jodi has a “Thank You” card in her near future.

When the workshop finished we headed to the roof to grill some burgers that were marinating during the workshop. The rain had different plans than us and after the meat was done cooking we retreated downstairs to enjoy the delectable burgers.

Monday, I was on set with Jodi for the Autumn Cashmere shoot where we got to put our newly learned tethering skills to the test. I was only able to be there half of the day, but it was a fun learning experience being able to watch Jodi in action. She shot around 100 looks in just one day — a perfect example of efficiency and beauty.

Watching Jodi on Monday gave me inspiration for a shoot I did on Tuesday in Central Park. It was my first time working with male models and it was not as challenging as I thought it would be. The guys were easy going and the team — from the wardrobe stylists to the makeup artist — were fantastic to work with.

I tried to take advantage of the beautiful natural light gleaming through the trees of New York City’s backyard and came away with some shots I was pretty proud of.

Let me know what you think.