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Monday, October 11, 2010

let's play catch up.

Hop on in my time machine because I'm about to gun it 88 and take you guys back to last week up until now.  I need to do some catch up since I haven't blogged lately.  After my "Clearly Fall" fashion shoot post, I had to work the weekend grind of portrait head shots and my lame toy store job.  Its always funny thinking about how one day I am working with high fashion models and the next day I'm working at a toy store in my hometown dealing with screaming children and bitching house wives.  

After the weekend we did the "Peace and Love" shoot.  It was supposed to be outside but due to the shitty weather we did it in the studio.  The stress on set that day was at its max, but we all got through it and Jodi, Colin, Shawn and I went out for Shawn's birthday to the Metro in Brooklyn which was so weird and cool. 

The next day we started preparing for the "Sex" issue shoot which consisted of, building the set.  At first I was intimidated by this task but once I got it going it was a pretty awesome thing to do and complete.  We built the set with 15 to 20 sheers that draped over 2 cross bars to create a dreamy/ sexy look.  I loved the way that and the shoot turned out.  I think the photos looks amazing and hope it will get picked up by someone major to really get some attention.  

This past weekend, my mom took me shopping since she hasn't seen me in a while.  What an awesome day that was since she hooked me up with the boots and maddd other clothes.  

Urban Outfitter Sandstorm boots, they are a lot darker in person rather than the photo.

The funny part was while walking through Macys I saw this giant Sean John advertisement of Parker.  Parker is the male model we worked with on the CD Greene shoot.  Soo crazy to see that though!

Parker in the Sean John ad at Macy's in Jersey
Jodi has left today for the Dominican Republic so we're going to be doing some odds and ends work while she is gone.  Ill be at the studio all week and working at my other internship, Ray Brown Pro, as well.  Until then good bye and follow us on Twitter @bitchininterns !!!

.:Christopher P. White:.

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