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Friday, October 8, 2010

M.I.A. but not dead

HEy GUYZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's been forever and a day. Totally been busy and trying not to commit bordom beyond serious. So I'm in my senior year in college. Can I be blatanly honest with you guys????? IT FUCKING BLOWZ. They are repeating every peace of material and they give the class a different name. over it!!!!!!

In other news:

I have been shooting and editing quite a bit as of late. Even been planning upcoming shoots and writing down ideas for bigger projects :-)...Oh and I'm going to start styling as well! So even though I've been gone awhile, I haven't been sleeping.

I miss you guyz...have fun in DR and I will see you guys when you get back...promise!

-The New GUy

P.S. I have my photo finally done to go up with the crew...will email it soon.. :-)

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