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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chilling at the Studio

Day 3

Today we met with Sarah who is an Art Director that Jodi has worked with a few times before. Sarah was a sweet girl. Not a whole lot went on today. I did a little bit of scouting for Jodi down the street. Not sure if the point of view was anything spectacular for her to look at, but she was a trooper!

I was wanting to go with her to meet with a designer but my equipment was weighing me down along with many other things. I'll be able to update you with some images tomorrow, but I let my memory card with Ms. Jones tonight.

Other exciting news was Shawn's parents came today! YAY! They arrived safely and Jodi got a awesome gift from them. They were really nice! I hope they enjoy their stay in NYC ! =) Welcome, as some might describe it, to the city that never sleeps ( even though that's actually Vegas.)

Well talk to anyone who has found this post, if anyone has found this post, tomorrow! Hope it's a bit interesting even though sadly enough its probably only my family looking at this currently. Thanks for showing us some support! XOXOXO


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