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Friday, June 4, 2010

Hello New York, New York

Day 4

Today was definitely eventful. Jodi sent me into the city of NY. :O That was my response when she said she sending BY MYSELF!.....ha. I was worried, lost, and confused like you would expect a sad little child to be if they went from a small town to a big city. I was thinking how the F am I going to find my way around without any map and trying not to look like I didn't have a clue where the hell I was going. But I made it to my destination....Adorama.

I didn't have to call Jodi once or ask some asshole stranger, who would get joy out of sending me in the wrong direction, to the camera store. I, big shocker here, made it back to Jodi's studio and was rewarded with knowledge on how she does retouching........ummmm JACKPOT!!!!

Then we went location scouting again and I was her test model for a whole 5 min. Jodi had to go back and meet with a designer named Oscar, a man with impeccable taste . So she sent me to do some location scouting by myself. Who would have thought I would have explored New York twice in one day on my own.... I'll be the first to tell you certainly not me. I was proud of myself for doing it once, but twice...JESUS CHRIST! But I did it with joy because of my passion for photography. If I had to walk through hell to do photography, I would.

I'm not going to lie at one point, probably when it started raining, I was like forget this, but then I said to myself " Self why the hell would you even think something like that, this is an amazing opportunity so make the best of it and quit being such a wine bag, jeez" and continued my journey. I was shooting to make Jodi proud.....wish I could give you the answer, but I don't know it. What I can tell you is I gave Jodi my best and put my whole heart into everything I did for her today.

All I know is that I can proudly say to my dad " Dad today was a day I managed to pull my head out of my ass, I hope your proud." It only took 22 years to do it, but I did it. Sorry I can't make any promises for tomorrow. = )

Thanks for being so kind to waste your time and read about my life. Hope to see you back tomorrow! Enjoy the shots I post above.


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