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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just Read It

Hello my name is Jacqueline Pate and I'm a 23 year old intern who moved their broke ass from Missouri to New York City in hopes to one day become a fashion photographer. Jodi Jones gave me a shot to learn from her and experience what a fashion photographers life is all about. So I'm here to inform you about life beyond the "L train."

Day 1
We cleaned, we talked, and we bonded. She gave me the 411 on what needs to be done within this week and the top priority of the week was to come up with a concept having to do with animal prints. We called it a day and she took me out to eat with Colin, who is a badass with a Scotland accent. After I parted with him he probably advised Jodi to get an intern who can hear so he doesn't have to repeat himself 5 times when he says something.


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