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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Day 7 (maybe, but not really sure)

I want to give Jodi and Shawn a round of applause, along with their crew, for working hard and really making the shoots come together. Also a job well done with being sleep deprived. :l Even though I ache and I have managed to collect bruises, cuts, and pain in general, I'm ready for more.

I had 7 bruises on my forearm somehow and didn't realize it until I got home. I have more bruises that are huge, and I'm sitting here thinking how the hell did I get the shit beat out of me and not even realize....Jodi said it happens to her all the time during fashion week. Being in a mash pit for a slipknot concert seems like a walk in a park. Even though I have these bruises, I'm proud of them because I know worked my butt off and I chose to do the harder labor, gladly.

Monday I helped Shawn with his sister music video, who was a TOTAL SWEETHEART, and was constantly getting hit on by guys here. She's a country singer who will be moving to Nashville and I wish her the best of luck. I would love to thank her for all her help this weekend with the shoots, she was great! I also got to help Jodi edit the photos from the shoots this past weekend : D....SWWWEEEETTTT! Be jealous.

I was searching for a ipad for Jodi to show her portfolio on and was calling the Apple stores around the area, they were all out and there's a week long waiting list. Anyway I thought it was interesting when I was talking to one worker, making it clear that I was wanting to purchase one asap and sighed when he gave me the bad news.

He proceed to try and sell an ipad to me and said yeah they're pretty popular and cool, you need to get you one..... I'm sorry what the fuck did you think I was calling you for....? I like calling stores just to chat about products for the hell of it, with no intention on buying anything.

Then Jodi locked me in the closest and threw away the key, but she at least fed me. Later they found the key and let me out and allowed me to go home. Thank you for letting me go home! : )

That's it you crazy peeps! HOLLA!


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