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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Road Closed

Day 2
7:30 a.m. Good Morning! Today I got to meet Shawn who works with and for Jodi. I would so far describe him as being a super cool guy but he would probably respond to that as being a super lame way to explain him. Jodi showed the intern how to let people into the building, so Jodi had to basically show the intern how to press a button.

We drove to West end on long beach only to find ROAD CLOSED....though we were finding people other then fishermen and surfers were past that point sign......hmmm? It was a total downer Shawn lost $10 paying to get into "Jones Beach" only to be told AFTER he paid that he couldn't get into Jones Beach. Really....? After finally finding the center, we were told that we basically needed to call someone else JUST TO SCOUT for a shoot. Jodi is now looking at 9 page form to fill out to even do the shoot, what a headache.

We came back to the studio after scouting at the beach and did some busy work. Jodi was the only one looking busy but Shawn was helping her from the couch, and I............ watched Jodi. :/

Anyway now it's time for some of this fun stuff.....VISUALS of the day!!! Woowoo! Enjoy!


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