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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

TIme To Shine!

Post 19

Good morning sunshine!!! Time to roll out of bed and actually attempt to get dressed up because I will be going to drop Jodi's portfolio off at the office of the magazine company INTERVIEW. =)
First thing on the list.... go to Jodi's pick up portfolio, get directions, and leave.

Second I got onto the subway that literally sat there for AT LEAST (the time I was there anyway) 15 min. So the only ONE train sitting there, obviously not ready to go, into Manhattan, kept filling up with people. Hmmmmm. So while being laid on basically by a strange man, which is EXACTLY what I want to happen to me when I have to commutate with the pubic =/, I had also become acquainted with the pole. Yes, this going to be good. For those of you who don't know why there is a pole....there is a pole to hold onto so that you don't fall on your ass when then train starts moving. So I'm going to put this in the nicest way possible...I didn't need the pole, I needed the extra 2cm. You don't need to worry about falling when you are packed shoulder to shoulder, except for the 1 person who decides to lay on someone in the train that isn't moving.

Third I picked up the 1 print at Adorama, who didn't have it ready. That got fixed really quick...Thanks to Jodi.

Fourth I went on my way to SoHo; found the building, met Kate, and then I was on my way back to Jodi's studio.

If you were wondering, on my way back the subway trains were near empty and nobody felt the need to lay on me....again =D.

For the final event I sat down with Jodi while she was putting together the layout for the "Animal Spirits" shoot. Then came home and now apparently it is a contest to see how many photographers can collect as many free websites and blog about their ego's. So my next step may be twitter. I'll keep you posted!

Until next time xoxoxo


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