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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Finally Posting Something

Day 5

I'm back's about time, I know. So this week we have had a lot going on; My Birthday (feel free to wish me a happy birthday, if you haven't, that's okay but if you don't plan to then I hope you trip when your walking in the street.), searching for rakes and shovels, trying to find bones, running around finding a place to buy a male black thong... = I (but for this shoot nobody wants to seeing anyone's junk freeloading; and seeing empty coffins with someone's dead grandmother in the display case at the front of the store, nothing says welcome like a dead corpse. Whheeewwww! Oh yeah, and Jodi had casting models.

Next Category is the person of the day was..... drum roll please.... Ernesto! He's a set designer and a pretty chipper guy loaded with some amazing ideas and he's helping us with the Animal Spirit shoot! Bless his heart, as well as Jodi and Shawn's, for putting up with my dysfunctional navigating system....which is not an I phone.

I should also inform you on some more exciting news which is the intern has almost gotten hit by numerous cars, I'm talking like 5 in one day... I not exactly a size 0, and yes there was a white walk man for any of you trying to take the drivers side. This week has been eventful, tiring (especially physically for shawn) but everything seems to be coming together. Everyone should be very proud of themselves.

Well I'm sorry but I'm ready to roll over and pass out. I will leave you with this ... That so called "Stair master" at the the gym HASN'T MASTERED SHIT! Come to New York if you want to meet the real master! "Bitch Please" will be the words coming out of my mouth the next time I see a "Stair master." HA what a joke. Whoever came up with that name for the machine CLEARLY never lived in New York.


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