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Monday, July 19, 2010

Newest Edition

So we've been still working on the damn database, Shawn has left us and is on vacation currently, we've had one editorial shoot last week that went well and we've now added the newest edition to the group Chris. So we would like to say welcome! :)

Besides what was mention in the previous paragraph some other new things that have gone on is me getting lost in NYC, please keep your comments to yourself. I've also decided to start a side project for myself that consists of taking random people pictures and asking them what is one thing they want to experience before they pass away. If your reading this, you will probably be asked this question, so get ready.

We have relocated Jodi's bike so that it will no longer be a "fire hazard" in the stairwell. I'm annoyed because even though I chained her bike in the stairwell, I left space for 1 person at a time to get through. It's not like I was inconsiderate and blocked the whole fucking stairwell, I left space for one person at a time jeez! Pretty sure if there's a fire we're all going the same way and in orderly fashion like they taught us in school....down the steps and out of the fucking building so we'll grab it on our way out. :)

Enjoy the visuals and just so we're clear this was Posted by Jacqueline a.k.a Jack!



Here's Paul (a.k.a. Jodi's Bike).....He's currently in the process of finding another nice and loving owner like the one he has, but she no longer needs him.

This is just a random shot from the roof. I just saw a unfamiliar face that fascinated me, and I felt the need to document it.

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