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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Late, Late, Late Nights…

“Good Morning passengers we are now departing from New York Penn Station on the 1:22 am train to New Brunswick…”

Wait, did she just say good morning?  But, I am coming home from my day.  Personally, I believe I have just hit my true generic, stereotypical view of an intern.  But what’s up?  I’m a Bitchin’ Intern.

I haven’t blogged in a few days since I have been so dead from the travel.  I want fashion week to come so badly so I can have my experience and be able to not travel back and fourth everyday.  Yesterday, I was at Jodi’s for some cleaning up of the studio for preparation of today’s shoot.  After, we did some “Maid in Manhattan” work (mind you want an awful movie that is, thanks to J-Lo) we went to Walter Bakers showroom to shoot a look book preview.  Within 5 minutes of being there, Walter was already yelling at his own stuff as well as Jodi’s Bitchin’ Intern crew for moving their brand new wood table.  Ohhh Walter and his heavy testosterone ways.  Even though he comes off as a hard ass with a one-way opinion, I really like the guy.  There’s something weird and sincere about him that I enjoy.  The model we used yesterday was 18 years old and it was her first gig…3 looks in and she said she was about to pass out.  Hey, it happens to the best of us but she finished the shoot doing an awesome job like a professional.

Today, I started my day out at Ray Brown Pro (my other internship), by doing odds and ends intern work.  This includes scanning images, filing, copying and doing errands, SO MUCH FUN…not.  Half way during the day I shooted Jodi a text since she was doing the second day of three for the Charity calendar shoot.  Asking how it was going, I received a response with “Crazy…a lot of tension on set today, I snapped, we are all crazy…beware.”  I bet you know how I felt after seeing that text.  However, once I got there around six it wasn’t that bad and it seemed like the chemistry was flowing a lot better than what I expected.  Once everyone left Oscar, Jodi and I started doing in depth work for Jodi’s new fashion film, Cornelius.  We brain stormed for hours and it was pretty productive, thank god. 

Fashion Week is a week from today.  It’s going to be crazy, intense, fun, hell, artistic and everything in between.  I’ll be blogging a lottt during next week as well as Tweeting (bitchininterns) so stay posted, you’re in for a ride.

.:Christopher P. White:.

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