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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Dream Team

Hmmmmm, now i know why Jodi says to blog often because soo much goes on and you don't know where to start lol. Sundays production of Cornelius was totally mind blowing. From the make up, they hair, the hats, the shoes, the clothing, the theme, the acting...THE FIRE PEOPLE lol.....we sooooo got to play with fire in our hands thanks to Oscar lol smh....gotta love Oscar. Being behind the scenes and apart of such an amazing crew is just...(there are no words for it). This may sound pretty corny but even through 9 hours of shopping in the heat and returning things, I couldn't do anything but smile. If it was for something else it definitely would have been another story lol. I don't know, its weird....I'm apart of a group of individuals who are full of talent, life and makes me want to do more!!! But in all honesty, thats whats suppose to happen...such a group pushes one another to another limit where everyone grows together. Ok, im gonna shut up now, I could go on and on lol.

Big shout out to our newest member Sophie...she is bloody amazing and i totally love her accent....she will soooo fit in!!!

JODI YOU ROCK.......that is all lol

-Bryan aka "The New Guy"

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