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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fashion, Fashion and oh yeah, did I mention Fashion?

Friday, September 3, 2010 was my first "hit the pavement" workout in preparation for Sundays extravaganza project. I got to spend the day with the amazing, talented and very entertaining Oscar Montes de Oca aka "The God of Wardrobe!"

Shoes(no flats)

Our first stop was Walter Steiger where we met with Gloria Li Chen aka "The Goddess of Organization!"
>>>>this is why<<<<

 I call the place "Display in the sky" because...

...well, its literally in the sky lol. Chen set us up with more than enough 'clacks' for the shoot and by the way (gossip) I hear they are the same shoes being used in the Richie Rich show during Fashion week that Jodi is apart of....but you didn't hear that from me lol.


Next stop was off to Harlem to check in with Head-wear Designer Evetta Petty. The woman is as graceful as the time she puts into her work. When i saw the head pieces, both I and Oscar were more than satisfied...she's a genius! This is her first project outside of her normal creations for the ladies of God >>>> (gossip) she will be crossing over into the fashion world soon via Oscar, but you didn't hear that from me neither lol.


Our final stop, which believe me doesn't come close to being "lastly" as it sounds lol, was Soho...the home of fashion aka "OMG I love it" lol, yes, I said it, where we shopped, literally, for 6 hours for the outfits. We went to H&M, love that place normally but they didn't give what we were looking for....we went to other places but I can't really remember...I had my first Fashion Overload yesterday, yes, I am no longer a virgin lol. However, I do remember going to Top Shop, picking out a few things and bumping into this ad:

and fell head over hills with these gloves...yep, you guessed it, they didn't have them lol...

All-in-all, I enjoyed being Oscars intern for the day, shopping for an awesome project, and being in the atmosphere in which i love so much, fashion!

-Bryan aka "The New Guy"

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