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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Things Change.

It's amazing how you can have all of these plans aligned for your life, yet it only takes one thing to make them all come tumbling down.  This past month since I've been back, I've been able to make nearly enough money for two month's rent and a plane ticket back to NYC.  At the rate that I was going, I'd be back to NYC by mid October with enough money to last me at least four months.  All of this came to a halt when my mother checked herself into the hospital last Tuesday.  Initially she had a pain her leg that caused some swelling, but after getting an MRI and biopsy, it appears that there's a high probability that she has cancer.  This has turned my life upside and pushed any personal career plans that I have to the back of my list of priorities or concerns.  I am awaiting results from a hospital to confirm her condition (or lack of), but needless to say, it's been a nerve-wracking week for me.

Prior to this stressful week, I've been telling my parents to travel to Europe while they have the money and their health.  I've been looking into ticket prices for them to places like Italy, London, and France on various different websites.  However, now that there's a possibility of my mom being sick, my desire for them to do something exciting has become a lot more adamant.  If she's sick, I want her to have one last great experience before this process of uncertainty and rigorous medical treatment begins.  For these reasons, I've decided to use all the money I've saved and direct my funds toward their trip.  They were kind enough to provide funds for my trip to Spain when I was younger, and I want to return the favor while I am financially capable of doing so.

As it relates to returning to NYC, when or whether I come back is now uncertain.  What I do know is that long as my mother may possibly be sick,  I will stay by her side and spend as much time as possible showing her my love and support.  My plans can wait.  In a week's time, I should know which direction this goes, but I can only hope that whatever is wrong with her leg is nothing serious.

Take care everyone and I hope that everyone has a spectacular experience during their first fashion week.  If anyone meets Jessica Alba or Adriana Lima, make sure to tell them I want their second set of children.



  1. My best wishes for your mom and hope all turns out well. Jacqueline is in a similar situation. She sat with me through my first chemo treatment when she was a freshman in high school.
    Your mom would not want you to put your dreams on hold just as I don't want Jacqueline to put her dreams on hold.
    I have found that this situation is often hardest on the family because of the helplessness you feel. Take care of yourself and just deal with what happens today, worrying won't change what happens tomarrow.

  2. Catherine,
    thank you for your kind words and insight regarding my situation. It really is a difficult situation to be and we're still awaiting results, but I will definitely try to take this one day at a time, because thinking about tomorrow and the next can be an overwhelming experience.