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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane…

I've been slacking lately, I haven't blogged since the weekend, but I and everyone else has just been so busy.  Fashion week literally starts tomorrow.  I'm on the train right now with my giant backpack, suitcase and sleeping bag going into the city to stay with Leriam for a little while.  She has been so awesome and is letting me stay at her dope apartment.  The last few days have been pretty crazy since I haven't gotten really any good sleep until last night when I slept for a whopping 5 hours!  Most I've done in the last week.

On Sunday, we began and basically finished the fashion film entitled, Cornelius.  The film looks awesome since Mark Burson, the director, has already begun piecing it together.  We shot all around the city and my favorite location was at Ryan's Pub down in the east village where we made it look like an 18th Century Bar.  My job during that part was to blow flour through out the room so the sun would catch it and make it look like smoke.  After I was done I went outside to brush off my white covered face and everyone looked at me as if I was a heavy coc head.  Rock on.

Yesterday, Monday, the plan was to do some more planning for Fashion Week and then continue the production of the Charity Calendar at 3 o'clock.  The calendar shoot has been very loonnggg for everyone.  The process has been pretty brutal but the outcome in the end will be literally life saving.  It's a good feeling to be a part of a project like this since it is going to make such a large impact on people across the world.  However, during the shoot Mark, Colin (Cornelius) and I went out to get some few extra shots.  Mark let me shoot almost half the shots which was sick because I'd never really shot film before with the Canon 7D.  Once it was all over, I was in charge of cooking dinner for everyone which consisted of using a charcoal grill on the 7th floor…disaster.

But, as of right now I'm on the train heading into the craziest week of the year and maybe so far of my life.  Each day is making me more anxious, I just want it to come.  I've been doing a lot of long nights recently which has taken a toll on my body and mind.  But all I do is keep my head high with optimism and fill my body with coffee, and at the end of the day, beer.  Its really weird since today school started in my town.  Waking up this morning and not having to go to public school was weird, if you were to tell me this time last year what I was going to be doing right now, I'd probably laugh in your face.  Pretty nuts how life throws you such curve balls.  I'll be blogging a shit load this week so get ready. 

-Just wanna give a special thanks to my brother, Caite, and Teal for helping me out last night and ironing my clothes for me.  I appreciate it guys. 

.:Christopher P. White:.

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