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Monday, September 13, 2010

Couture, The End.

Right now I am waiting for the first show of Sunday Couture Fashion Week to start.  Today is the last day of Couture and also Walter Bakers show.  Leriam, Bryan and I are running the show today and taking on most of the work.  Leriam and I are switching off with teching today but yesterday I shot the backs and some fronts for Jodi.  These are just 3 of my 2,000 shots I took.  Couture has been a lot of fun, all of us photographers have gotten really close and its like a big photo family.  Nicholas and Ron are Jodi's old friends who got Jodi into fashion photography and I was lucky enough to get really close with them over these last few days.  They are probably two of the sweetest people I have ever met.  I love hearing their stories of Kate Moss and all the older super models.  They fit almost a grandfather position for me which is very comforting since unfortunately I don't have that any more.  But the show is about to start so I will keep you updated.

Even boredom strikes at an amazing fashion show like this haha, typical.   

.:Christopher P. White:.

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