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Sunday, September 5, 2010


Tomorrow is the big day.  At 8 am, the crew, models, hair stylist, make up, Oscar, bitchin' interns, Jodi, Mark Burson, Shawn and Colin will all arrive at Ryan's Pub on 151 2nd Ave between 9th & 10th street for the fashion film 'Cornelius'.  The ideas behind the film have been going in and out for about a month now.  We have finally reached the night before and are still working against the clock.  It's currently 12:04am and I am waiting for a train to take me back home (which I won't step foot in my house much before 2:30am) and then wake up and go to the filming.  Personally, I am really excited for this since all day today I went shopping with Oscar for the costumes and then went location scouting with Jodi and the others.  All this prep work makes me want the filming to come now.  It's been a pretty long fucking day.  I had a bunch of friends over last night and didn't get much sleep so that didn't help either.  

Fashion week is near and for some reason I am getting anxious due to the schedule is not fully set yet.  Tonight I worked on it with Jodi and we got a little further.  I am a person that plans everything ahead.  I get very nervous when things aren't sent in stone when they are approaching.  Tomorrow will be a very interesting day.  The whole concept is excellent and there is a lot of amazingly talented people on board.  Jacqueline will hopefully be there tomorrow due to the fact that I haven't seen her in a while because of a little incident that happened on set the other day.  But everything hopefully is all back to normal since this whole thing can not be ran without chemistry.  I don't want else to say right now since I'm pretty beat sitting on the floor of Penn Station watching the Saturday night drunk crowd hang around me.  The weirdest part is, I kinda wish I was one of those drunk people right now…

Until then, here are some behind the scene photos of the magazine shoot.

.:Christopher P. White:.

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