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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Killer Day, September 2nd 2010

The shoot we did today, totally made up for all the emailing, late night hours, and frustration that most of us interns and hopefully jodi as well, have been having.  Just by that opening sentence I hope all of you know its going to be good.  We all met up at Nuela Restaurant at 12 Noon to do an on  location fashion shoot with Ruth Osumarez (Miss. Domican Republic) for Mujer Unica Magazine.  Jodi shot for the cover and then 3 other photos for an editorial.  

The restaurant, Nuela, was at 43 W 24th St. between 6th and 5th Ave.  The outside is very ultra modern with large glass windows and a sheik gun metal front.  Walking inside, your confronted with a lot of red as it is the main color tone of the place.  The bar was beautiful as well as the bathrooms downstairs which was one of my favorite parts.  The owners and staff were very accommodating and the shots looked amazing due to their patience and help.  A big thank you goes out to Nuela and I urge everyone to go there, the food was out of this world.  

Ruth was an amazing model and did an incredible job.  My mouth was in awe every time she stepped foot in front of the camera due to the work that she was producing.  She is an extremely gorgeous woman who also runs a charity and can be found at  Having a fun and good looking model always sets the tome of the shoot.  I will upload some behind the scenes photos soon.

.:Christopher P. White:.

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