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Friday, July 30, 2010

Thursday July 29, 2010 11:54pm

Why the fuck is someone painting their nails right now on a train right next to me?  I hate the scent of nail polish, that stuff gives me headaches and the smell is absolutely potent.  So thank you stranger next to me on the NJ Transit ride home, thank you. 

Back to my day, my day has been very long and grueling.  Waking up this morning I was pumped since I didn’t have to be in Brooklyn till 12 noon.  An extra hour or two for much needed sleep!  Well, my pumpness was dissipated once I found out our shoot was rescheduled till 7pm.  But hey, that’s cool; I love kickin’ back with Jodi and the rest of the interns.  The Bitchen interns today, aka myself, Jacqueline and Elias went through massive amounts of hard drives pulling old photos that Jodi took for a new upcoming project that we are working on.  This meant staring and copying photos from a screen for about five and a half hours.  But hey, that’s not that bad and I know an internship can be a lot shittier. 

After a few slices of bangin’ pizza (Thank you Jodi) Elias and I went to go drop off photos at Walter Baker’s headquarters in the Garment District in Manhattan.  Knowing Walter can be a little crazy at times we went in there knowing close to nothing.  Yeah, he is a character, but I kinda liked his badass style.  Rock on Walter, rock on. 

We then headed back to the studio to do our planned shoot at seven.  The shoot was pretty sick since we covered a new handbag that is specially designed for i-Pads.  The bags looked awesome and Mike from P:B:O:E was an especially awesome guy, so good clients means good shoot. 

Now I’m on my way home from an eleven-hour day.  Gotta love it though.  I think we have a long weekend and will be in full swing by Monday.  But it’s the fashion business, you’ll never know until the hour before.  Until then, PEACE!

PS:  I think the person painting their nails is reading what I am writing…SORRAY!  If so, check out!

.:Live it Up, Christopher P. White:.  

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