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Friday, July 23, 2010

Our Turn.

A few minutes after 10am the make up artist, client, and model showed up like any other day.  During the make-up session Jodi called us over (the interns) to inform us of some news she had.  She told us that WE were going to start the shoot with the model.  Each of us had 10 minutes to shoot the model in any dress the client had and in any form (natural light or studio).  She told us this around 15 minutes prior of the model being ready for shooting so it was a very quick creative process that had to be done with skill and speed.  At first I think all of us were nervous but once the ball got rolling the nerves passed and the photography love and passion kicked in.  We all performed the project beautifully.  I chose to do natural lighting.  I did this due to the images Jodi had taken on the Tuesday before for Hyp clothing using natural lighting through out the studio.

My posses and photos were mostly on the go images meaning I came up with them while shooting her.  This project today really opened my eyes and had my adrenal pumping.  Probably one the best feelings I have had in a while.

Tomorrow were off to Manhattan where we’ll be shooting some gowns for a client I am not too sure yet off.  This also means I get to sleep a half an hour later since I am meeting them in Manhattan J.   

Here are some photos I got of our model and the dress I chose, I hope you enjoy.

.:Live it Up, Christopher P. White:.

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