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Saturday, July 31, 2010

We've got more important things to discuss

         In a time where we worry about injustice, global warming, economics, nuclear weapons, oil spills, and rising gas prices, I plead you to turn your head away from such trivial problems and focus your energy on something a bit more relevant to society and of utmost importance: The movie Inception.
         This movie was so awesome.  Dare I say it, I enjoyed it more than The Dark Knight (but that can probably be attributed to my post-movie theater high that i'm riding on).  I loved everything about it and I need a bootleg copy soon, because lord knows ticket prices are too expensive and waking up before noon is about as common as a miracle in my book.  Interns and fellow readers of this blog, I beg of you to skip past the bum in need, the organizations you donate to, and take yourself to the nearest movie theatre to watch this film.  It will hands down be the best decision you have made in your life.  Go, NOW!!
-Elias Rios

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