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Friday, July 23, 2010

Bitchin' Shoot

Today we shot for Designer CD GREENE.  All I can say about their clothing line is that these men have impeccable taste when it comes to designing.  They were both very polite and sweet to everyone working on set today.

I wish I could have had something a bit more fashionable on today and not look so......blah!  Oh well, shit happens.  I think I should have attempted more at making myself look a bit more presentable or just presentable.  It was a good shoot day besides me presenting myself.

It was not getting to work with all the interns again! Hopefully I'll be seeing everyone again very soon.  I would like to note that you should disregard anything Elias says that may reflective poorly on my personality, I AM NOT A MEAN PERSON!  I did not abuse any animals either.  If he does however, mention how great and wonderful I am to be around, he is not lying and you shouldn't disregard that. : )

Thanks for reading this Bitch!  I will talk to you real soon.



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