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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Today we did catalog shooting. I saw the same 20 t-shirts for 6 hours, BUT I got to see them in different locations.....try not to be jealous. This was Chris's first shoot with Jodi, I forgot to ask him how he liked it, but I'm sure he was feeling.....well we'll just wait until he post his thoughts for today. :)

Jodi was working on talking more to people while she was shooting. Usually when she shoots, if you have a question or anything it's usually a lost cause waiting for a response or for her to have heard you. She did well with communicating with everyone. We're planning for or next shoot to be Thursday.

Everyone was great today, and it was nice seeing a few familiar faces, Ben and Erica, from my first shoot with Jodi for Teen Vogue. I look forward to having the teensy bit of hope that someone will drop by to read this.

I want to thank those of you who take time out of your life to read the rubbish I post. I hope you don't feel it was a waste of time. Hope you come back!


- Jack

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