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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Flight Back.

Even though I won't be leaving for another month, every passing day feels as if it were the day before I pack my bags and board a plane back to Chicago.  I feel that my time here truly is precious and I need to do something of significance whenever there is an opportunity.  Fortunately, as the time progresses,  I feel that some of my goals have been accomplished and that i'm walking away with a greater understanding of not only this industry, but also the art form of photography itself.  I have met a lot of great individuals who have challenged me to think outside the box and take initiative during situations where I'd normally be passive.
Still, despite my progress, there are still more things that I want to see and do.  I want to vastly increase my knowledge of studio lighting, especially when dealing with Profoto lights.  I want to be able to set up a shoot by myself with legitimate equipment, learn light metering, understand f-stops/apertures better, and most importantly walk away with a stronger knowledge of fashion.
I am about as fashionable as a blind hillside goat that's missing one of its legs.  It's no longer cute, nor acceptable for me to be ignorant to important aspects of an industry I claim I want to be a part of.  If I am able to walk away with at least half of these goals checked on my list, then the money I invested into my income-less stay in this city was more than worth it.  As I stated in a prior blog post, I am really happy that I have other interns with me that I get to learn these things with as we all tackle this angry, exclusive, pompous, fashion-photography monster together.  I also trust that we'll be able to hold each other accountable to our goals and continue to encourage each other throughout this season of our lives.
On August 18th, 2010 I believe I'll head home with a smile on my face and a small, (but existent) sense of accomplishment.  Later everyone, and that includes you too, future Hasselblad sponsors ;-).


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