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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday July far.

Usually I am blogging on my way back home to Jersey from Brooklyn or Manhattan, however, today is a different day.  As we speak I am in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at the studio feeling a little hot due to the temperature and the damn sunburn that covers my body.  I kicked todays day off by meeting Jacqueline in Times Square for the Teen Vogue "Declaring Denim Day."  Not really sure what to expect for this morning, I walked up to Times Square seeing a vast crowd and....high school cheerleaders.  Bow's and everything.  Full fledge high school cheerleaders.  Great.

The reason why we were there today was due to that Jodi had done a shoot for Teen Vogue and her image was on the Jumbotron below where the ball is dropped during new years eve.  It was pretty awesome to see her photo shinning in Times Square at a prestige spot.  But the cheerleaders were still there.  Anyways, here are some of my photos from Teen Vogue's "Declaring Denim Day."

And I thought I was going to go to a kick ass Teen Vogue Party tonight...maybe next time.

.:Live it Up, Christopher P. White:.

Teen Vogue's Chief Editor Amy Astley with celebrity Shailene Woodley
Teen Vogue's donations today all went to the funds in the Gulf disaster.



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