Jodi Jones Studio

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


For the past couple of days I was off from shoots and other work.  Due to this, I had to get to my roots.  When ever I meet someone new from this internship, whether it be new interns or clients and they hear I am from New Jersey, I get that awful "Jersey Shore" reference.  People from New Jersey are NOT like this.  But its okay everyone, think that way.  Here are some photos from my adventures to the beaches I have known since I have been little.  Notice:  Everyone is not a guido.  Thanks!  Off to the Teen Vogue Event tomorrow at Times Square for Jodi's first billboard appearance.  Later Dayz.

.:Live it Up, Christopher P. White:.


  1. Thats right the real NEW JERSEY, is nothing like the jersey shore. Rep. NJ!!

  2. These photos are great! You really captured Seaside. And we are NOTHING like the people on The Jersey Shore. I don't even know any guidos.