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Friday, July 30, 2010

Awful Day!

This is Elias here and I just need to SNITCH to the world that i've had a pretty awful day.  As of early this morning, my computer has been completely malfunctioning.  Still, despite the flaws, I persisted on overworking and now it is basically crashed.  Fortunately, somehow, someway I've managed to revive it long enough to copy everything over to a hard-drive and write this blog.

 In addition, I thought an account I closed due to overdrafting actually closed but I just got an email when I got home for a monthly fee that put me negative again, even though the account was supposed to be closed!  AHH!!!!!! MY LIFEEEEE!!!
Then my roommate makes me try on this ridiculous androgynous shirt he stole from his internship that ended up being hand dyed so now I have green dye on my clothing and face!!! AHHH!!!!!!! MY LIFEEE!!!

It's like I can't win today.  I just need to sleep this nightmare off and deal with it in the morning.  Besides all of that crap, my day was cool.

I went to Jodi's around 12 ish to help out around the studio.  The day was quite consumed with browsing through her old Runway Photography images and picking the ones I thought where best.  There were a lot of good images that made me proud of good ole Jodi, but it's too bad that some of the models were binging on that "coca cola" backstage and coming out looking like an East Harlem crackhead.

After this, Jacqueline, Jodi, Chris, and I went to eat some pizza in a cool little pizza shop.  I had bbq pizza and my stomach hasn't quite settled since.  Afterward, Chris and I went to Walter's studio to drop off his lookbook shots.  He was located just a few blocks from Penn Station in an awesome studio complex.  The encounter with him was a bit abnormal, but nonetheless memorable.  All in all, we exchanged the images for Jodi's payment and we got the heck up outta there!

We hit the train back to Brooklyn and "BAM" we were back at Jodi's to help out her shoot for a man named Michael's bag collection.  What's cool about the bags where they that they were I-Pad specific and also had pouches for writing utensils, money, and an iPhone.  If i had an iPad, the bag wouldn't be such a bad investment.  Bogus Jackie Wackie's friend Rachel provided the iPad that permitted the shoot to run more smoothly and BAM PT 2, the shoot was over.  Saddened by the behavior of my computer, I cried some more in a corner and BAM it was time to leave.  Chris, Jackie, and I hopped on the train and BAM I was home.  Now i'm writing this from a computer that's on life support and I don't even feel like proof reading this entry because I'm too damn emotional to function.  I don't know when the next shoot is going to be but I'm ready freddy!

Here are pics of these foos

Jacqueline talking to rachel about the i-pad
Chris texting away

Jodi editing Walter's images.

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