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Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Day Late.

So yesterday’s shoot was mind-blowing.  And yes, I know I said yesterday, but last night was not a good night and I wasn’t able to blog for you blogger followers.  I am sorry; I hope you can forgive me J.   But back to the shoot.  Yesterday’s shoot was awesome in many different ways.

First off, we moved all of the equipment on location to Manhattan at CD Greene’s showroom/weekend penthouse.  The penthouse was on the 34th floor of an amazing building.  The balcony made you worried since you were only standing on a slab of concrete that’s 34 floors above the ground.  It was so interesting to be looking at the skyscrapers that close since all of us are use to looking at the skyline back in Brooklyn.  When I first got there I wasn’t sure what to say to the bellman since I felt like I shouldn’t have been there.  All that was going through my head was, is this guy gonna let me?  Haha after I told him why I was there they told me what floor and where to go.  Walking into CD Greene’s place, my eyes were lit open.  They had a beautiful penthouse.  The dresses were all in one room and we set up the studio in the other.  The office had to be my favorite part of the place since the ceilings were about 12ft high and bookshelves ran wall to wall from the floor to the ceiling.

Jodi did an awesome job with the look book.  The models were amazing as well.  Parker Hurley was the male model (I forget the female models name) and both of them did a marvelous job.  CD Greene’s collection was stunningly gorgeous, very elegant and high quality.  Both of them were great people to work with and had unique personalities to go along with it.  I just have to have them stop thinking that everyone in Jersey is NOT like the people from MTV’s stupid series The Jersey Shore.

I was very pleased with the shoot and it was great experience for my first high fashion shoot.  I am very excited to the more that will come and the more interesting people I will meet.  So I will leave you with this for tonight, it goes along with the mood that I am in, as Lil’ Wayne says, “keep ya head up like yo nose is bleedin’.”

.:Live it Up, Christopher P. White:.

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