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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Elias Rios - The Crazier of the Bitchin' Interns

Hello young world,
this is the first post from me, Elias Rios.  I'm from Chicago and I made a brave decision to come here to NYC despite all of the opposition I received from friends and family.  I've been interested in photography for quite a while, but prior to this summer I intended pursue film production.  Unfortunately, I struck out and didn't get accepted into either USC or NYU for the 2010-2011 school year.  Inside I knew that the probability of me getting into those schools was small so I acted on impulse by coming here.

When I arrived, I expected to assist or at least intern for a photographer that I was introduced to through a common friend.  However, that fell through completely and I was left here in this city with not a damn thing to do with my stay.  I relentlessly searched everywhere and eventually I was able to land two internships, one with Ray Brown, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, a snazzy internship with Jodi Jones.

My experiences with Jodi and being at her shoots have all been amazing and remind me of the reason why I came New York whenever I get home sick and feel like hopping on a plane.  Prior to today's shoot, I had not seen Jodi in nearly in a month or any of my fellow interns, so it was a good reintroduction into the group, as well as meeting the latest addition, Chris.

During Today's shoot I expected the usual tasks to be completed that would provide an efficient workflow/environment for Jodi, but that's not at all how things played out.  Jodi pulled us all to the side and began to relay to us some facts about the world of fashion photography and the difficult obstacles we'll face if we decide to pursue work in this industry.  Though we all knew the difficulty in getting into this industry, it still feels like a blow to the stomach and a bruise to my confidence for me when I get the reminder.  Fortunately, I didn't have any time to sulk and mope around because Jodi gave us a challenge that completely demanded our undivided attention!  She wanted us to take ten minutes each to shoot the model for today's photoshoot.  It was definitely a nervewracking experience leading up to my time behind the camera.  What I'm grateful for is that us interns are not working in a competitive atmosphere what so ever.  I love that we're able to encourage each other and assist one another as we walk this scary road together.  I believe that we were all in a vulnerable state when Jodi gave us this freedom to shoot.  It caught us completely off guard and though I may have been hella nervous, I was equally as excited to start clicking away.

Chris and Liriam chose to shoot natural light and definitely came up with some shots to smile about.  As for Jacqueline and I, we decided to shoot with the background and lighting instead.  Ms COOL PANTS JACKIE aka the Dean at Brooks Photography School did some super cool low light images that I thought looked awesome.  As for myself, I was not too fond of the lighting for images or how quickly I ran out of posing for the model.  Fortunately it was only a ten minute interval because I don't think I my creativity would've stretched much further on a seamless white background and a model in a form fitting dress.  After uploading my images, I was able to find a few images that I didn't mind and feel like posting.  All in all, today was a really good day and I'm excited to help out at more shoots, learn more things about profoto lighting, and grow in experience with my fellow bitchin' interns.

Until next time,
-E L I A S

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