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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Life of an Artist

Don't worry folks, I'm still alive :-)

As an artist, there are quite a few obstacles we have to strap on our hard hats and go through. Besides already being cursed as a gemini, we all live double lives: The Artist and The Laborer. We all know what the Laborer does...pretty much any&every~thing to get by until The god of Art pulls their number lol! Believe me, waiting for he or she to call that number requires the virtue of patience....I ALMOST quit one of my job twice already lol smh...its rough!!! But i suppose with struggle, annoyance, and homicidal thoughts comes greatness. I had the pleasure to do an awesome photoshoot with my buddy Brandon Coates, wardrobe stylist and designer...and we totally rocked it:

Was a beauty dark and rainy day and we had a great time shooting!

I also had another fantastic shoot Saturday morning with a model named Adam from Empire Modeling Agency. She(agent) told me he would be better than all of the models I've already shot thus far for her. Let's just say, she wasn't lying:

We were both overly satisfied with how the photos came out.

The moral of the story is...with bad comes good!

-Bryan AkA "The New Guy


  1. way to go bryan! they look great!!

  2. diggin the pictures, especially the pose in the first, haven't seen that one before!