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Saturday, August 14, 2010


Yes, that's me.

Hello readers from around the world,
I am back from hibernating in a cave upstate with my fellow grizzly bears. This past Thursday I was supposed to meet with Jodi on some project, but it was delayed until to Friday. However, upon my arrival to her apartment, the meeting never quite took place. Instead, I went to JUNK to look for potential props for Jodi's AUTUMN CASHMERE shoot that will be taking place this Monday.
 I'm really excited that we're finally going to be working together on another shoot. I was worried that I was going to leave on Wednesday without doing anything significant in my final week here. However, it was just my luck that Jodi decided to schedule one of her Power Weeks (I coined that term) the week before I leave.

At JUNK, there were a lot of interesting Vintage items there, however, these fools were frontin' like they were selling new furniture items that they hand-crafted themselves - or at least that's what they're outlandish prices suggested. They're lucky I didn't burn the place down or kick some holes in the furniture; however, knowing them, that would give their furniture more credibly and they'll probably sell it for more freaking money.

After I came back to Jodi's apartment, I ran into Shawn, Wackie Jackie, and Bryan, Jodi's newest intern! He's a really cool guy and down to earth which is awesome and will make working alongside him a fun experience. - BACK ON TRACK -
After showing Jodi the furniture available at JUNK, the guys gathered Jodi's equipment and packed it into Shawn's truck. We drove into the city to collect a super cool background that cost an ARM AND A LEG to rent, but in the end it should be worth it since it's the kind they use when shooting VOGUE. Upon retrieving the backdrop, we headed down to AUTUMN CASHMERE to drop everything off for Monday's shoot. When we got there we were welcomed with their Rihanna loving employees who had just came back from her concert the day before. It was nice to meet them and I look forward to seeing them again on Monday where I told them they must blast the new Rihanna and Eminem song as I walk - through - tha - door!

All in all, I'm excited for Monday's shoot, as well as Shawn's tethering class he'll be teaching tomorrow at Jodi's apartment. It's gonna be coolllllllllllllllll. With that said, I'm OUTTIE. It's time to go to SoHo and pretend I can afford the clothes over there.


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