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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kick Back a Day.

My day today was pretty legit and kicked back, which a day like that to me is pretty awesome.  We had a mini workshop on Tethering photos today and for Tethering 101 it was a little bit more difficult than I imagined, but I defiantly got the basics down.  Its a really good way of working since your clients can see on a larger monitor the shots you take which then speeds up the shoot.  Shawn did an excellent job teaching us how to do it and it was funny because it seemed like a classroom at one point haha. 

However, afterwards we packed up some burgers and other shit and went roof bound.  It was so gnarly to kick back, drink some Corona’s, eat delicious kettle cooked chips, and watch Shawn prepare us some true cheeseburgers.  Poor guy had to teach and cook for us today haha.  It started to rain a little but that didn’t faze us since we were overlooking an epic skyline with the clouds rolling through it.  Our fun did have to end since the rain got steady which forced us to go back down to the studio to eat.  Everyone I think had a good laid back time today.  We all connect pretty well, (at least I hope they think that too or else it looks like I’m fucked).  But I’d give it two thumbs up for a Sunday and Ill be back in action in Manhattan tomorrow at the Autumn Cashmere shoot.  Stay classy fellow readers and friends as I sit here in Penn Station waiting to go homeee.

.:Live it Up, Christopher P. White:.

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