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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Guess who's back???

This has been an eventful four days.
Saturday, August 14, I was asked to do a favor for Hazuki, the makeup artist for our fearless leader Jodi Jones. She needed to do some beauty tests and for some reason she thought I would be perfect for the job.

It was fun for once to be the girl in the makeup seat getting ready rather than the intern watching a model get pampered. Getting my makeup done by professionals was a true adventure.

I’m used to sleeping in on Saturday’s but this time around I woke up early and headed to Bond Street Studios in Brooklyn, which blew my mind. The studio was a photographer’s Dream World with all the equipment and space you can imagine. It even had its very own darkroom. The natural light and the space is amazing. I would give my right hand to be able to shoot there some day, but this time around my business was being a canvas for the makeup artists.

The day began with a “natural look” that transformed me into a fashionista from another decade — the 90’s to be exact. From there, we moved onto a more dramatic look which included bright red lips and eyeliner fit for a Geisha. I was amazed at the amount of detail and dedication makeup artists go through just to apply lipgloss.

I would have taken pictures, but unfortunately I was glued to the makeup chair, so my quaint descriptions will have to do.

Not much else happened on Saturday, but more fun awaited me on Sunday. The rest of the bitchin interns and I met up at Jodi’s studio for a workshop on how to tether your camera to a computer for a shoot.

I’ve got to say it was a bit technical for my taste, but I’ll master the technique if it kills me. I’m glad Jodi is so adamant about teaching us bitchin interns as much as possible so that we can use the real-world skills we learn from her in our careers some day. Jodi has a “Thank You” card in her near future.

When the workshop finished we headed to the roof to grill some burgers that were marinating during the workshop. The rain had different plans than us and after the meat was done cooking we retreated downstairs to enjoy the delectable burgers.

Monday, I was on set with Jodi for the Autumn Cashmere shoot where we got to put our newly learned tethering skills to the test. I was only able to be there half of the day, but it was a fun learning experience being able to watch Jodi in action. She shot around 100 looks in just one day — a perfect example of efficiency and beauty.

Watching Jodi on Monday gave me inspiration for a shoot I did on Tuesday in Central Park. It was my first time working with male models and it was not as challenging as I thought it would be. The guys were easy going and the team — from the wardrobe stylists to the makeup artist — were fantastic to work with.

I tried to take advantage of the beautiful natural light gleaming through the trees of New York City’s backyard and came away with some shots I was pretty proud of.

Let me know what you think.

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