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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Casting Call Virgin

I just got really excited on the train ride home since I sporadically had Internet access.  Very perplexed by this, I started surfing the web.  And then it was gone within in 30 seconds.  Good-bye excitement.

Today, Jodi, Jacqueline and I went up to the garment district right on 39th and 8th for a casting call for Autumn Cashmere.  Being a virgin at casting calls I expected it to be a room full of beautiful models and a lot of craziness.  Yeah, not at all.  A casting call to all of you who do not know is when a designer contacts as many agency’s they want and then they send the same style of model for potential in their new look book.  We went from around 11am to 6pm today and had around 16 models show up.  We expected more to show but we defiantly found our two keepers from excellent modeling agencies.  Personally, I liked all the girls today since they were all gorgeous.  Pays off to be basically the only guy on a female casting call J.  Casting calls can be tedious since you’re sitting and waiting for models to show up

However, due to once again awesome clients we all got along very well and I’m excited to see them once again for the shoot.  Kathreen and Alfonzo are two talented designers who create and are the core of Autumn Cashmere.  My highlights of the day were the people and the food.  I had a spectacular Santa Fe Wrap with grilled chicken, avocado, Mexican salsa and lettuce (Thank you Autumn Cashmere).  As well as the bangin’ lunch it was also Alfonzo’s birthday!  The girls in the office surprised him with his favorite Latino cake, which was made from 3 different kinds of milk.  Of course, I would be lactose and tolerant, fml.  So I had to pass on that, but I heard it was mad good. 

Were now off for a few days since Jodi went out of town for a little get away.  I’m now stuck n Jersey working at my toy store job.  Big difference from casting calls, once again, fml.  Later.

.:Live it Up, Christopher P. White:.

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