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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Autumn Cashmere...And Then Some.

With both eyes closed, a shrieking noise in the air, I feel a sudden stillness erupt.  At that very moment my sleeping body awoke and the train conductor yelled, “Last stop New York Penn Station!  Last stop!”  And here I was drowning in my own restlessness ready to start my adventurous day with the one and only, The Bitchin Interns. 

I met the new intern, Bryan, street side by the freight elevator near the side of Autumn Cashmere.  We waited a few until we saw Shawn’s black SUV drive up with Jodi smiling in the front seat.  Once we all met again and made conversation, the four us began setting up for the day’s events.  Today’s agenda was to shoot around 70 shots for Autumn Cashmere’s new Winter 2011 look book.  My highlights of the shoot were tethering, the backdrop, and our vintage prop, the bicycle.  The backdrop was very special since it was handcrafted, black, and textured with asphalt/paint.  Bryan ran into a problem with the Bike since they told Leriam it was ready to be picked up and upon Bryan’s arrival they told him it would take 3 hours to assemble.  After a worried call Leriam did her magic and the bike was found assembled and ready in the store.  Clutch.  The models chosen today blew me away, I was really into their style and I thought one in particular was outstanding. 

Autumn Cashmere’s line is very classy and comforting with a hidden badass at some points.  My eyes always get stuck viewing their clothing when I step foot in their showroom.  The whole staff at Autumn Cashmere is compiled with great people.  I always love their company.  Since it was a tight space we had a shift change of interns around 2 o’clock, Elias and Jacqueline took over for me and Leriam and I think Bryan stayed the whole time.  For the first time I surfed the subway down to Canal St. to pick up some light bulbs for the strobes.  Dying of heat exhaustion, I arrived back at the showroom to a quesadilla wrap and air-conditioning (It was like arriving to a vacation). 

Once I got back in the Dirty Jersey, a few friends and myself went into a town near by called Somerville to check out my best friends new pad.  The apartment is dope.  Now were at my friends recording studio messing around, hanging, drawing and chillen.  Tomorrow I’ll be back in the city to feel out my new internship at Ray Brown Pro, but I will also still be at Jodi’s full time since I am addicted to it.

“Hello moon.  How are you?  Nice night, right?”  

-Christopher P. White

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