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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Sooo, today is Sunday.  Usually I don't come to Brooklyn on Sunday, but today is a different day.  Were about to start a tethering workshop to learn how to shoot with the photos directly transferring onto the i-Mac.  I'm pretty tired this morning since I was at a friends graduation party and had a few (or more)...beverages.  But you can't let that get in your way, I know its hard.

Last Friday, a bunch of us bitchin interns were at the studio doing some different projects.  I made a concept project for blogger guru, celebrity, model and creator of Fashion Toast, Rumi Neely.  Jodi is trying to get her to come to the studio and shoot a fashion video in the style of a Bohemian/ Hippie thing.  If she gets it will be straight righteous.  Then Shawn, Elias, the new guy Bryan and I went to Autumn Cashmere to drop off the equipment and crazy backdrop for tomorrows look book shoot.

But were about to start today and then afterwards were gonna go grill on the roof, (I'm stoked!).  Talk in a tad.

.:Live it Up, Christopher P. White:.

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