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Friday, August 13, 2010

I’m Backkk.

So after a few days of not being at the studio due to Jodi’s vacation, were back in full swing with a packed schedule.

Yesterday, (I was very tired and it was late last night so that’s why I didn’t blog) Jodi, Jacqueline, Sean and I went for a meeting with Fashion Spot’s Managing Editor Andrea Grant to talk about Fashion Week 2011. Due to this is the biggest week of the year; we started covering the basics of what was going to go down. Finally, Mercedes-Benz released the schedule for this year, which sounds amazing as it is. This year Jodi is going to shoot for Fashion Spot as well as Associated Press and I think Zuma Press too. The Fashion Spot people are totally awesome. Andrea is a beautiful young woman who is extremely talented and knows what she wants. When we arrived we met Andrea, her marketing manager, and a fellow photographer named Patrick. Right as we got into her sheek NYC apartment we were asked if we would like to par take in a Margarita, (I was already in heaven with The Fashion Spot after those words left Andrea’s mouth ☺). We then got right into business and went rooftop to discuss the low down for Fashion Week.

As of right now Jodi is trying to get me a pass so I can get into Fashion Week to work my ass off. People look at this event as a glamorous over the top party/beauty event. And hey, don’t get me wrong it probably is. But for those who are behind the lens, yeah it blows. Photographers will work 14 to 16 hour days, edit their photos after the events, then send them to their reps. After all of that…. its morning! And then we start it all over again. But I keep my head high and am dying to be a part of this grueling task.

Today, its 10:58 am, and I am on my way to Brooklyn to plan out Mondays shoot which is with Autumn Cashmere. I’m pumped for this since the last time we met with Autumn Cashmere, everyone got along and chemistry is key in this business. As well as planning today, there is a new intern named Bryan who is starting and I’m excited to meet him as well.

So for right now, goodbye to all my readers and I will post up later of what happened today. Let’s hope its good one because hey, when isn’t it not.

.:Live it Up, Christopher P. White:.

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