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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I want to congratulate Timothy and Heather Leposky! I was gone from Jodi's studio to PA and I was able to take pictures of the Austin Healey below and I got a shot of Heather and Tim.  They had a beautiful and amazing wedding.  I wish both of them a long and happy life together. :)

I would also like to thank my aunt shannon and uncle jimmy for giving me a awesome bed to sleep in and of course feeding me.  Aunt shannon I'm sorry i'm sorry I almost broke you bedroom light/ripped your fan off the wall showing you how I slept.....because that was so interesting to hear about.

Catie and Court I'm so happy I got to see both of you, and hopefully I will see you both really soon.   Catie is a pistol that kind of reminds me of me.......I give fare waring to the weaklings, to back the fuck down because you can't handle that kind of awesomeness! lol ;)  It was a pleasure meeting gage catie's boyfriend.  Court I hope I get to see you up in NYC, your so sweet and I was glad to see you let loose on the dance floor.

Mom and Dad thanks for giving my broke a$$ some money before i went back to NYC.  I love both even though it only took 10 min after we saw each to start arguing about where we were going to eat because it was getting late, but I still miss ya!

I didn't get to see my brother, sister, and my nephew, but I missed seeing you this weekend.  I will see you guys soon! Love ya.

Sorry if this post totally bored you, but I've got a feeling you'll get the fuck over it.  Thanks for taking time out of your life to read this, its appreciated. :)

Please feel free to congratulate Heather and Tim.....and Heather,welcome to the family! Glad to have ya on board! WOOWOO!



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