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Monday, August 23, 2010

These Past View Days

Down Fall Arises:  8.19.10

Jacqueline and I on Thursday had our first encounter with the first step preparation for Fashion Week.  Jodi gave me 2 contact sheets with hundreds of designers on them and I started my emailing journey to access backstage, front of house and riser access for shooting.  I finished yesterday, so all in all it took me around 2 to 3 full days to email 262 designers with some having 3 different emails each.  After our Thai lunch Jacqueline abruptly started packing up her belongings and got up to leave.  Pondering what was going on, Jodi asked Jacqueline what was wrong.  This then opened up to Jacqueline’s true feelings about the changes that have been happening.  I’m not going to go into detail to what was said but it did rock the boat of the studio.  I have no personal hard feelings against anyone that I am working with but it seems like others do.  Hopefully, things will take their place and everyone will be able to get along.  But that only happens in a perfect world.

GMAIL!:  8.20.10

Friday, during the day was pretty boring.  Leriam and I sat and emailed designers for about 5 hours straight.  My damn eyes really start to strain after looking at my Macbook for that long.  But all of this will pay off once Fashion Week comes and all of us will be pissy, sleep deprived and angry.  But hey!  That’s Fashion Week baby.  After, our emailing journey, we went for a meeting for a new charity calendar that Jodi is donating her services to.  We arrived in a beautiful penthouse apartment across the street from Central Park.  The board members all seemed like good people and we all sat in a circle, discussed the project and ate some cheese washing it down with red wine.  The calendar seems like a great project and will have a huge impact on the charity.  But it is a little disorganized in my eyes.  First, they want it for this January.  In an ideal world to have a calendar out for January, it would be in stores by Mid August.  It’s late August now and we haven’t even started yet.  However, with the collaboration of all the intelligent people going it to it, I’m sure we’ll be able to pull it off.

Commute:  8.23.10

So here I am, punching all of this in on my commute to New York.  It’s a real shitty day here and I’m already running late due to delays.  Sorry Jodi!  But New York is the next stop so then I’m off to Brooklyn in the rain.  Stay classy Blogger.

A little preview of what my desktop looked like during the emailing process.  (Six different windows...)

.:Christopher P. White:.

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