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Monday, August 16, 2010

Rooftop Renegades

Yesterday was quite an eventful day!  There was a tethering workshop at the studio yesterday.  We learned how to use a tethering cord and the necessary steps that must be taken to reduce any technical problems that may arise.  This was an exceptionally important workshop to me because I had always wondered (until recently) how photographers I see on television sync their images directly to the computer for easy-viewing.  Now that I have this information, I'm taking my short self to the nearest camera store in Chicago and 5 finger discounting one of those cords.

After the workshop, the snitchin' interns and Leriam's sQuEeZe Daniel went to the local corner store to grab some drinks for the BBQ.  When we came back, the roof was our destination!  Unfortunately, the whether was less than favorable, but we stuck it through for a round of drinks, a few pictures, and just long enough for Shawn to grill up some of his famous burgers.  We brought the party downsturrz where we ate, listened to hipster theme songs, and discussed some important aspects of the Autumn Cashmere shoot.  We missed Jacqueline Wacqueline today and Stefano de' Italy as well.  As I am writing this, the A.C. Photoshoot is going on and I'm about to put my shoes on and take over the next shift.  With this, I bid you farewell!

 This is what 5 minute photoshop looks like.  moo-haha.

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  1. Love the picture with Jackie in it. Someone is knows his shit.