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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's A Wrap.

These past few days have been quite bittersweet.  I feel that much has happened in a short span of time, but it has flied by so quickly that i've barely been able to process each unique experience.  Instead, it has become a bit of a blur that I must dissect thoroughly to hold on to each memory.  I was lucky enough to still be around for Monday's Autumn Cashmere look-book shoot that Jodi was photographing (with Shawn running tech).  I was given the 2nd shift due to my hungover tardiness at the last shoot that I was present on.  Initially I was disappointed because I wanted to spend as much time with the group as possible.  I knew that there was a high probability that it would be the last time I would see these people before I went back; judging by the time on the clock, that truth is become more and more realized.  


Jodi freaking Jones.
Tricia at Q Models.

The shoot itself went relatively smoothly.  Jodi was tethering the images straight to her computer so that the client would be able to make their selects immediately.  The background was of a beautiful texture, but I felt that pictures may have not done it complete justice due to the tone of the look-book (more commercial) in comparison to the rough and edgy texture of the backdrop.  Still, the images were awesome, the models were lovely and cooperative, and everything was running absolutely smoothly until... the curse of the Stefano struck again!  Out of nowhere, the battery pack that was powering Jodi's lights stopped working.  After a few failed attempts to turn it on, Jodi resorted to shooting the remainder of the shots using natural light.  Fortunately, there were only a handful of outfits left and the pictures still turned out quite pleasantly.  After an hour so of Jodi and the client making final choices, we were ready to pack the stuff up!  The greatest difficulty we had (the 2nd shift trio of Elias, Bryan, and Jacqueline) was taking down the texturized vogue-tastic background.  We didn't want to crinkle it and we were afraid that it'd kill us if it fell off the poles suspending it in the air.  After a few different techniques and patience testing procedures, we were able to take that bad boy down and roll it the hell up!

At this point, Jodi and Shawn only needed to interns to come back with them to Brooklyn to unload the equipment.  Since Bryan worked the entire photo-shoot on his first official day with Jodi, we all agreed that he needed to take himself home to get some damn sleep!  I can imagine that the ride back was head-ache inducing for Shawn and Jodi because they were entrapped in a car with Wackie Jackie and yours truly who happen to be the Guinness World Record Holders for Loudest Talker (Jackie) and Greatest Rambler of Useless Information (Me!).    

After a rainy, yet peaceful car ride, we arrived at Jodi's and unloaded everything inside the apartment.  I gave the videos that i took of the shoot to Jodi, showed her a few graphics, and said my inevitable goodbyes.  Jodi tried giving me a movie-moment farewell, but the elevator took to long to arrive so she just slowly walked in to her apartment (backwards, or it doesn't count). and shut the door.  That night I waited five long hours for the elevator to come, but it never showed up.  Sounds like my father.  Just kidding, my dad loves me.   Anyway, I took the train back to the apartment and spotted the Walter Look-book model on the train.  

I Am A Stalkerazzi.  Deal with it.

Like the creepo that I am, I took a picture to send to Jodi so she could confirm my sighting.   All this spy work and sneaky behavior made me hungry, so I did what I normally do when I crave something of great nutritional value: I called up Dominos Pizza!  
Needless to say, I was satisfied and my day ended cheerfully with a bloated stomach and leftovers in the fridge. 


Today was my final day at Ray Brown Productions, my other internship that I picked up here in NYC.  It was a weird last day that felt a bit uneventful.  I didn't do much other than labeling portfolio packets for one photographers.  I also had another mishap when shredding documents for one of the employees named Shannon.  The shredder states that it can shred up to 25 pages, but I freaking beg to differ; the number is more like 5-10.  After using pliers to get out the jammed paper, I finished my task and moved on-to-the-next-one.  In addition to this being my last day at Ray Brown, it was Chris White's first day!  He's taking over my responsibilities there and hopefully he'll seize more opportunities there than I did.  I originally planned to begin the training process for him, but my boss, (for lack of better terms), preferred that Chris eased into the internship and studied Artist Portfolios instead. 

 All in all, it was an unproductive last day, but I am grateful for the administrative skills that I picked up while there, as well as the pizza party they threw me.  I gave everyone a hug and went off to meet my friends from Chicago who were in town for a few days.  Meeting up with my old friends was a great experience that allowed us to reflect upon our childhood and experiences we shared together in Chicago.  At this point in the day, I feel that I'm ready to go back home.  This desire is not for a permanent stay, but simply to re-identify myself with my normal surroundings and revert myself back to the core individual that I normally am.  This way, I'll be regenerated and more in tune with myself when I ship myself back to The Big Apple for another Go.  It's been a fun experience and I've learned a lot of lessons while here.  Though I haven't met many people, I have had great experiences with the ones I have and learned a lot from them as well.  I wish I could've done more with my time here, but despite my reservations, I still feel that I've accomplished a lot and set an example for friends and family back home who are too afraid to leave the nest and do something different with their lives.  New York, you were lovely.  Don't ever change.  Well.. I take that back, be more inviting to me next time and stop ruining/stealing/hiding my technology.  Plus, where are all the NICE, shorter, hot girls at?  Not anywhere near me, damn it.  

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